Wearable Technology

March 27, 2015

This week in one of my classes a group presented about wearable technology. I am really interested in wearable technology, and the future that it has. I have started my experimentation with wearable technology several months ago when I started using the jawbone up24 to start tracking my steps, calories burned, and my sleep. It has been really helpful tracking these things because I have found myself pushing harder to achieve my goals in both steps and in sleep. The model of jawbone that I have isn’t the fanciest, but it is my start in the wearable technology realm.

There are a lot of different wearable tech out there. It’s exciting to hear about all the different types out there, and how the technology is evolving ever so quickly. I plan to stick with using my jawbone for a while, but in the future I am really excited to explore the options out there. It fascinates me how technology can help individuals achieve more.

I am considering several different wearables as my future sight, if you have any feedback on which wearable you prefer and why, let me know.

Apple Watch
Jawbone 3
Pebble watch

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