The Light Phone

July 10, 2015


The Light Phone is a simple product that my wife introduced to me that I felt would be an interesting thing to share. I’m always looking to learn new things, and I’m passionate about new technology. Let me know if there is any products or technologies that you guys feel are cool, innovative, or amazing. I felt this product has an interesting approach, because it’s trying to resolve the issue of being over connected. It seems that with all of the advancements in technology, we are always seeking for more and more ways to be connected, whether it be with smart watches, smart phones, laptops, and all sorts of breakthrough devices. People are always looking to get new updates, text messages, tweets, and the latest news.

The Light Phone is an attempt to help people disconnect from a lot of the features that a smartphone provides, it helps reduce an individual’s connectivity to the world by limiting users to the simplest function of their smartphone, phone calls. With the Light Phone a user carries with them the simple credit card sized phone as their only form of communication. They can then leave their smartphone behind when they want to go somewhere or do something where they want to connect with their surroundings more so than their phone. The user can then configure their smartphone to forward any phone calls to the Light Phone, so as to not remove themselves from complete connectivity in case of any emergencies, or urgent matters, people can still get a hold of them if need. It’s an attempt to help simplify life. The product is rather simple, it’s a stand alone phone, but has the capability to receive forwarded calls from your smartphone, it looks elegant and simple, and would be fun to try. Don’t we all need to disconnect a little.


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