Freelance Projects


I started working on this site, and it has been fun working to update content, and help beautify the whole site.


I’ve recently started doing some freelance work, and this has been a fun project to work on. It’s a site for selling awesome wildlife calendars. Check it out.

Personal Projects

Phoenix Run

Phoenix Run has been an ongoing project that launched my journey into web development. It has been a learning project for me, allowing to expand my web technologies knowledge. I have dramatically increased my knowledge of web building from this project. The project is a site for people who like run. A user can come and create an account, and with that account they track all of their runs. The user has a dashboard that allows them to create, update, and delete the different runs they have accomplished. The data they have entered over time can be analyzed in their dashboard with some analytic tools provided. Users can view their average run time, average distance ran, and the user can also set and achieve goals within the system.

School Projects

Colonial Heritage Foundation

For class we have made a website for The Colonial Heritage Foundation.