Modular Gadgets

May 16, 2015


I recently noticed a growing popularity of the idea of modular gadgets. I recently stumbled across an entriguing article entitled “Welcome to the Age of the Modular Gadget”. The article discusses the idead of how hard it is to satisfy the needs of everything single customer, especially when it comes to purchasing a phone. It seems like customer’s are always having to make decisions based on trade offs. It is every apparent that not one phone has every single thing a customer could want. Some phones have different operating systems, while others have higher quality cameras, and some have unique features. The idea of implementing modules allows users to almost build their phone the way they want it. This is a trend that I feel will continue to grow in the world of technology. Modular gadgets allow consumers to plug and play different pieces and components to their technology in order to expand the types of features a device possesses. This can be seen a lot in products like the raspberry pi, and is becoming very popular in the world of smartphones. I am excited for the possibilities in the near future!

While browsing kickstarter I found an intriguing new product called the Nexpaq that is a perfect example of a up and coming modular device. The product is a phone case that you can use on your smartphone, and you plug in little modules that allow you add more hardware and feature to your phone. Some of these plug and play modules include improved flashlights, extra battery packs, expanded memory, and even laser pointers. Can you imagine the possibilities with a product like this? To view their kickstarter campaign click here.

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