MEAN Stack

April 14, 2015

Last week I was in class and there was a group that presented about something called the MEAN stack. It was a really interesting presentation, and I got excited about the technology presented.

The MEAN stack is the way to become a boss in web development. MEAN means that the system architecture of your program will be using mongodb, express.js, anagular.js, and node.js. These are all awesome technologies, and they are all based upon the javascript language. The MEAN stack will allow you to focus on javascript, because it is used for your frontend, and backend development.

Mongodb – It uses nosql as a language, it is part of the mean stack because you write in javascript in order to use the data.

Express.js – Is nested within node that works kind of like a framework, the helps interface with the databse in an effective manner.

Angular.js – Is used in front end web development in order to simplify your code, and make things work very efficiently.

Node.js – Is the way in which you use javascript as a backend language for web development.

Over this coming summer, I hope to learn how to use a lot of these technologies in order to better myself as a web developer.


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