July 2, 2015

Holus (1)

The Holus H+ is a cool product that I recently stumbled across in my searches for interesting products. I’m always trying to keep an eye out for new technologies, and things that I feel would be either fun, innovative, or game changers in the realm of technology. A lot of technology is very individualistic, and causing people to isolate themselves more and more from the people around them. I was intrigued by Holus, because it is a cool piece of technology that helps bring people together in a variety of ways.

The Holus is a cool product because of the growing field of virtual reality, holograms, and similar technologies. With the popularity of the Occulus Rift in the news, as well as the Microsoft Hololens holograms and virtual reality are looking to become a mainstay for coming generations. It is a product that provides a blend between the digital and real world by converting any digital content into a 3D holographic experience.

I’m excited to see more products like these that can be used to entertain a group of friends during a party, or to create meaningful experiences and family time together doing something fun with technology. From the video above, it looks like there is a lot uses that this product can be used for, whether it be for playing games, or viewing images and videos, or playing a game. The possibilities seem endless with the Holus.

Check out their kickstarter campaign:
Holus Kickstarter

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