Pask Backpacks

I’m doing a school project using google Ad Words. I’ve been learning how pay per click works, and marketing in general. I’ve been working with an awesome company that makes leather backpacks. These backpacks are awesome, and are a less expensive alternative to any other product like it. These are Read More


This blog really isn’t for you who is reading this now. The blog is for me. I’ve come to realize that I really lack the ability to write effectively. I’ve always felt nervous to share my writing with other people because I always have that fear that they will find Read More

The Light Phone

The Light Phone is a simple product that my wife introduced to me that I felt would be an interesting thing to share. I’m always looking to learn new things, and I’m passionate about new technology. Let me know if there is any products or technologies that you guys feel Read More


The Holus H+ is a cool product that I recently stumbled across in my searches for interesting products. I’m always trying to keep an eye out for new technologies, and things that I feel would be either fun, innovative, or game changers in the realm of technology. A lot of Read More

Modular Gadgets

I recently noticed a growing popularity of the idea of modular gadgets. I recently stumbled across an entriguing article entitled “Welcome to the Age of the Modular Gadget”. The article discusses the idead of how hard it is to satisfy the needs of everything single customer, especially when it comes Read More


Just finished up my last final yesterday, and I am really excited about this summer. I have so many things I want to this summer. I am really excited to start studying technologies on my own, and developing even further as an aspiring IT professional.

MEAN Stack

Last week I was in class and there was a group that presented about something called the MEAN stack. It was a really interesting presentation, and I got excited about the technology presented. The MEAN stack is the way to become a boss in web development. MEAN means that the Read More

AIS Competition 1st Place

This last weekend I traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to present the security policy I created with my group at the AIS National Student Chapter Conference. We competed in the 2nd round against several other universities, and we ended up taking first place. It was a great experience and we learned Read More

Amazon Dash

This week I came across something that I thought was really interesting, in my class we often talk about technologies and what effect they will have on society. We talk about the recently announced Amazon dash button, and how innovative it is. There are a couple of different forms of Read More

Wearable Technology

This week in one of my classes a group presented about wearable technology. I am really interested in wearable technology, and the future that it has. I have started my experimentation with wearable technology several months ago when I started using the jawbone up24 to start tracking my steps, calories Read More