Amazon Dash

April 6, 2015

This week I came across something that I thought was really interesting, in my class we often talk about technologies and what effect they will have on society. We talk about the recently announced Amazon dash button, and how innovative it is.

There are a couple of different forms of the Amazon dash, there is the actual amazon dash, but there is also the Amazon dash buttons. The Amazon dash is a device that is about the shape of a microphone that makes shopping a lot more convenient for users. It functions as a device that you talk to, and you tell it things you either want or need. It will then place orders through amazon, and you can get your products the next day. You can also scan current products in order to replenish items that you like to keep on hand.

The Amazon dash button is similar to the amazon dash, but it is a set of buttons that are used to place orders instantly. For example, you can have an amazon dash button for tide. The button can be kept by your washing machine, and when you have realized you are either low or out of laundry detergent, you can simply click your Amazon dash button, and an order is placed on amazon, and the item will be delivered to your door the next day. This is amazing, because it makes our lives a lot easier, and we don’t have to run to the store for just that one thing.

Technologies likes these are making our lives more and more convenient. Technology will allow us to not spend so much time on the simple things, and spending more time with the things that matter most.



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